Album Review: Beleaf Melanin – “Red Pills and Black Sugar”

One of the things that makes music so special is the relatability of it. Listeners can really connect with an artist, record or song. Music has this way of reaching through and speaking directly to a person. At its core it can inspire, motivate, encourage and educate. Great hip hop has done just that thru the years. The more an artist is transparent and bold, the better the listener can connect…

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15 Great Christian Hip Hop Hook Writers and Singers || @BMurph633

Music, more than almost anything in the world, has the ability to stick with you for years! You can hear a song from when you were 5 years-old and just like that, the melody, the memories, the words all come flooding back to you. One of the most contagious parts of the song is the chorus. In hip hop we call it the hook. That’s the part everyone loves because even if you can’t rap the verses, you…

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WATCH: Marz Ferrer Acoustic Medley || @MarzFerrer @JoshKim81 @FreequencyStudios

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Marz Ferrer has quickly become one of the go-to people in our scene for songwriting, vocal performance and hooks. In the past year alone, she has done songs with Andy Mineo, Beautiful Eulogy, Thi’sl, Social Club and SPZRKT. With her brother Manny on drums and Joshua Kim on guitar, Marz performs some of her biggest…

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Album Review: @MaliMusic – ‘Mali Is’ || @RCARecords @RCAInspiration @Queenovaflo

Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O 

Long time underground sensation Mali Music, has finally released his immensely anticipated sophomore album entitled Mali Is. Mali has featured on numerous Christian Hip Hop, gospel and urban gospel tracks based of the success of his debut album, The 2econd Coming (2009). Aside from sporadic…

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